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Ice Cream Musings

Supplier Series: Breadbaron Sandwiches

When we decided that January was the perfect time to make breakfast-themed ice cream, one of our first thoughts was, "how do we incorporate local bacon?!". Luckily, the Kitchener-Waterloo community is blessed with the brilliant minds and taste buds of Mike Lurz and Nick Hattan of Breadbaron Sandwiches!

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Wicked Wednesday: Vegan Affogato

We know all those dairy-free folks out there have to miss out on some of the best treats in the world... like affogato. Fear no more! We've made a delicious Vegan Affogato with a scoop of our Coffee & Donuts dairy-free ice cream!

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Wicked Wednesday: Russian Breakfast

This #WickedWednesday we made a twist on the classic White Russian cocktail by using our homemade Kahlua recipe, Yongehurst Liberties Vodka and scoops of our new Childhood flavour Cereal Milk.

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Tell All Thursday: January Seasonal Flavours

Just like last year, we are continuing to change our 8 seasonal flavours every month. For the month of January we let you know that we are doing a breakfast theme. Well - here are the 8 flavours you can look forward to for the month!

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Wicked Wednesday: Kiwi Kolada

The first #WickedWednesday of the year is a Kiwi Kolada made with our Arctic Kiwi Sorbet, Yongehurst Harbour rum and Cha's Organics coconut milk.

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Feature Flavour Friday: Holiday Classics

Ahh, the holidays are just about over and the new year is coming in hot! Take a minute to chill and enjoy our last two holiday flavours to be featured: Oh My Darling Clementine, Sorbet & Maple Spiced Pecan.

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Tell All Thursday: The Price of Vanilla

Four All Ice Cream exists to create some of the most unbelievable ice cream flavours you've ever tasted month to month, but among these fleeting seasonal flavours also lies an utmost classic that we've sought to perfect year-round: Vanilla Bean. This simple flavour brings attention to some interesting complexities this season after the price of vanilla rose to US$500/kg.

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Try This At Home Tuesday: Ice Cream Snow Globes

Let's talk about something very important: impressing your friends and family with your major holiday dinner party skills. Try making some ice cream snow globes for a dessert that looks impressive but is simple and festive!

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Try This At Home: Ice Cream Buche de Noel

Happy #TryThisAtHomeTuesday! This week is a Christmas classic recipe straight from the province Quebec. Impress your friends and family with this spectacular yet easy holiday treat.

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Wicked Wednesday: Hot Buttered Rum Apple Cider

Happy #WickedWednesday, folks! We're halfway through this chilly week and need a little fire in our bellies, so we made a Hot Buttered Apple Cider cocktail with a scoop of Salted Caramel Swirl ice cream.

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Wicked Wednesday: Hot Toddy

It's that time of year again when everyone we know and love seems to be catching the same bug. All we can do is offer them remedies and hope to cheer them up. Our suggestion? Make them a hot toddy... with ice cream!

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Supplier Series: Just Love Pie

"Pie and ice cream are the perfect match". Not just any pie and ice cream though; ice cream made of all natural ingredients and pie made with real fruits and handmade pastry. 

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Wicked Wednesday: Mulled Pumpkin Chai Cider

Hello October and Happy #WickedWednesday! We went over to Legacy Greens to grab one of their perfectly curated cider mulling kits to make ourselves  a fall-inspired ice cream cocktail this week.

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